I am originally from Zanzibar and an island boy that cannot swim very well, but thank goodness for life jackets...and floaties. I went to school in Uganda where I learned English and preliminary Business Administration courses.

I returned to Zanzibar about 5 years ago and started working at Mnarani Aquarium located in Nungwi as a tour guide and a receptionist. This is a neat place where you can swim with marine turtles that were saved from fishermen nets. I meet people from all parts of the world every day and really enjoy learning about new cultures. I’ve been taking visitors around the island for over 5 years now, but always wanted to start something of my own. The opportunity came along and this is how this website was born.


I am truly excited about this new adventure and look forward to seeing you here. We will have lots of fun and I will personally ensure you have a great time. So no worries.. or when in Zanzibar  

Hello! My name is Sheha . . or actually, it’s Sheha Sheha. Yep! My first name is the same as my last name. I think it’s pretty cool :)

- Hakuna Matata!